Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Our Services Include:

  1. Health Facility Planning, Design & Commissioning
  2. Education, Training and Professional Development
  3. Service Redesign
  4. Model of Care Development
  5. Capacity Planning
  6. Healthcare Quality & Accreditation

Health Facility Planning, Design & Commissioning

NeoConsult International provides customised health planning and development solutions for your facility to improve its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and market share. We have extensive practical experience in facility planning and development, as well as full life cycle programme management.

Our team employs evidence-based processes and frameworks to ensure that the development of your healthcare facility meets the highest clinical standards, aligns with industry best practice, and is responsive to advances in healthcare technology and practice. We work in partnership with your facilities’ stakeholders to ensure that the project goals meet their needs and expectations. The facility solution that we deliver will be compliant with international and U.A.E Health Authority healthcare building standards.

We have extensive expertise in producing Project Briefs that incorporate:

  • The Design Brief
  • Schedules of accommodation
  • Operational planning and Care Pathways
  • Equipment and ICT strategy and planning
  • Stakeholder consultation and planning
  • Development of Patient Pathways and Hospital Operational Policies

We have extensive experience working as part of an integrated project team, delivering a health planning project right from concept through to, and including, commissioning.

Education, Training and Professional Development

We provide a portfolio of courses for healthcare [and non-healthcare] providers which includes CME and life support courses for Nurses and Doctors and post-graduate courses for Nurses. Our curriculums which are CME accredited, have been designed to inspire and challenge, resulting in better-trained Nurses and Doctors and which promote advanced levels of practice and care.

Training services can be conducted at the client premesis or at our training Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Service Redesign

NeoConsult supports clients to make a compelling case for change by working through a process of using the clinical evidence base, clinical model development and internal performance indicators. Our support is designed to maximise your chances of successfully negotiating the authorisation process including production of evidence, as well as drafting supporting business cases and consultation materials.

Model of Care Development

NeoConsult can help you to create a new service model reflecting evidence based best practice. Our approach is based on researching what works well elsewhere and then with your service users, clinicians and commissioners, co-design a local implementation taking account unique local needs.

Capacity Planning

Ensuring you have the right capacity to respond to current demand and future need is vital for all healthcare providers. NeoConsult has a track record of providing expert demand and capacity planning solutions to clients across all areas of healthcare. Our modelling expertise can be deployed to help forecast future demand and the resulting capacity needed at either and individual commissioner or provider level.

Our approach is to work with you to understand need for services, then translate need into demand based on factors such as demographics, expectations and commissioning intentions. We then apply target performance changes to current activity numbers and convert the result into capacity.

Healthcare Quality & Accreditation

Our dynamic quality governance framework goes 'beyond compliance' and centres on nine drivers of quality and safety. This helps ensure that quality is incorporated into every aspect of our client organisations and that safety, quality and excellence remains the focus of all we do, whilst delivering the highest standards of patient care.

Our drivers of quality governance are:

  • Quality Information and Audit
  • Clinical Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Clinical Effectiveness
  • Staff Development and Management
  • Safety and Quality Culture
  • Governance
  • Patient & Family Focus
  • Regulatory Compliance and Accreditation

We review our Quality Governance Framework annually to ensure it rigorously aligns all elements of quality governance and clearly demonstrates our commitment to excellence and quality services, whilst reflecting best practice in governance standards.

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